• 2017 PRIDE Survey Results were presented to the Board of Ed. and Community on Tuesday, Nov. 28th. The Power Point is attached, here...

    OCADA (Our Community Against Drug Abuse) Coalition will present outcomes and insights from our most recent PRIDE Survey results. 

    The PRIDE Survey was given county-wide to 8th and 11th grade students in the Spring of 2017.  Results and analysis provide important information to the school community regarding substance use, availability, perception of risk and trends among our youth.  To find out more about OCADA, please visit


  • Thank you for your participation in our Community Forum Series. We invite you to continue the dialogue via Let's Talk!

    In Nyack Schools, we are interested in continuing a community-wide, collaborative conversation of what it takes to ensure that all students succeed and how to measure that success in our ever-changing, complex world.

    With Let's Talk! , we respond promptly and directly to your concerns, questions, suggestions and comments when you provide us with your contact information and the dialogue is continued.   If you choose, submissions can also be anonymous.  Please see the attached flyer with specific instructions for how to use Let's Talk!

    Whether you are a student, parent, staff or community member, we are listening and hope to hear from you!

  • There are no after school activities and clubs today, 11/22/17

    Early dismissal 11:00am today.

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  • Parent Teacher Conferences

    Due to power loss at NMS all conferences that were scheduled 11/6/17, are now rescheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2017.  Your scheduled time for the  5 minute teacher conference will remain the same.  If you are unable to come in on 11/21, please call the main office 353-7200.  This message pertains to only those parents whose conference was canceled on 11/6/17.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  • Nyack Middle School "Stomps Out Bullying!"

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Welcome to Nyack Middle School Nurses site

All 6th grade student who turn 11 must show proof of tdap immunization to remain in class.

All 7th grade students must have a current physical on file according to NY state guidelines to remain in classes. If a physical is not provided your child will receive a free school physical during the school day by the school physician at the districts discretion.

Cold and Flu season is here, please tell your children to wash hands several times a day especially before they eat, stay hydrated and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Eating a healthy diet including  fruits and vegetables daily.

Absences: Please call guidance office at 353-7205 to report you child absent, if your child is out of school for 3 days a doctor's note is required.

Contact Info

Miriam Lynn RN


FAX 845-353-7219


New York State Department of Health

Please note : All 7th graders must provide proof of Meningococcal immunization before entering 7th grade September 2017.

Please note: All 6th graders when they turn 11 years old must prove tdap booster immunization.

Please click on link below for information concerning free immunization:

Sports Sign up for 7th and 8th Graders

Click link for: "New online Athletic Participation Registration Program

Please review the New York State Immunization Schedule for School Entrance for 6th grade /Attendance are as follows:

Diphtheria Toxoid Containing Vaccine- 5 or 4 doses if the 4th dose was received at 4 years old or older; a Tdap Booster is due before entry to Middle School.

Polio (IPV or OPV) - 4-3 doses if the 3rd dose was received at 4 years old.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) - 2 doses ( first dose must be received on or after 1st birthday).

Hepatitis B -  3 dose series (intervals must be one month apart between the first two doses and 2 months apart between the 2nd and 3rd doses).

Varicella (Chicken Pox) - 2  doses ( first dose must be received on or after 1st birthday).

Meningococcal - 1 dose 7th grade; 2nd dose 12th grade. 

If your child is missing any required immunizations, they are available free of charge at the Rockland County Department Of Health (RCDOH) in Pomona . Please call 845-364-2497.