• Join Us at our Next Community Forum and Film Screening of "Beyond Measure": Thursday, November 2nd at Nyack Center

    Use this link to reserve your ticket:

    Doors Open at 6:30 pm; Film Starts at 7:00 pm sharp.  This event is FREE and Open to our community

    We hope to see you there!

  • Nyack Middle School is "In The News" for organizing and participating in Stomp Out Bullying Day, October 2nd.

    Students and staff participated in the Blue Shirt Day - World Day of Bullying Prevention on Monday, October 2nd.  National "Stomp Out Bullying Day" included a Bullying Prevention Walk that was held during 7th and 8th period.  BOE members joined the entire student body marched together in solidarity against bullying.  

    Click Here  to view the story from Channel 12 News


  • Nyack Middle School "Stomps Out Bullying!"

    Nyack Middle School
  • Our 2017-18 District Calendar is available on our website

    The calendar is attached to this announcement for your convenience and can be found on the District's homepage under "About Us" in the navigation bar. 

  • It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of our NEW Director of Technology & Innovation, Darleen Nicolosi...

    Please read the letter from our Superintendent, James Montesano, regarding this new position, created as part of the District's 5-Year Technology Plan and filled by Ms. Darleen Nicolosi.

    "Globalization and technology have changed the way we live and learn, and schools need to emphasize the knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century."

  • Back to School Night, Thursday, September 14, 2017

    5:30pm, Project SEE Presentation, 6th Grade Parents Only

    6:30pm, Presentations; Principal Johnson, NMS PTA, and FRC Coordinator

    7:00pm, Classroom Visits - Follow "A" Day Schedule

    Nyack Middle School
  • MS Fall Sports Physicals , September 11 at 3:00pm

    Boys and Girls in 7th and 8th Grade get ready for fall sports.

    Physicals are Monday, September 11, at 3:00pm

    **Only one day for fall physicals**

    Nyack Middle School
  • ATHLETIC FIELD UPDATE: Please view the attached Q&A

    To keep our community informed regarding the status of our athletic fields, the District has put together an update with Q&A.  This  will also be posted via Peachjar for District families.

  • Please be Advised.....

    Due to building construction at Nyack Middle School, the building will be closed to all staff, parents and students June 24 - August 22, 2017.  The Middle School office staff will be located at Upper Nyack Elementary School as of Monday, June 26th and can be reached at 353-7200.  Thank you and enjoy your summer.

    Nyack Middle School
  • Middle School Portal Grades

    Due to calculations of 4th  quarter grades, Infinite Campus portal grades will not be updated until Friday, June 23, 2017.   

    Nyack Middle School

Welcome to the NMS Library!


Your Middle School Library is a welcoming place. 

In Middle School, students come to our library to do research whenever their classroom teachers schedule classes here in our Library.

 After lunch, ( *if no classes are scheduled,) "Young Scholars" may come on their own to dispatch their homework, or project work.  Students may also elect to read & relax,  and perhaps, they might even choose to play with our selection of board games.     

Our NMS Library's official hours are 8:00a.m. - 2:50p.m.  Most Tuesdays & Thursdays our Library sponsors an Extra Help Period, until approximately 3:45p.m.,( so students may catch the four o'clock bus.)   However, the rule after school, is WORK ONLY!


Solution Center

Nyack Middle School READS

Our school wants to support reading for the pure pleasure of it.      So, starting this October, our core classes will set aside time to allow students to read in class.     We ask that our parents / guardians support these efforts as well.  You can find any number of resources in our Library's Parents' block below, &   you can find ways to support reading for enjoyment at home, plus, a wonderful poster illustrating  the "Rights of the Reader" in red to the right.       Parent Suggestions n Rights of the Reader POSTER.pdf 


Political Cartoons

In this ostensibly historic election cycle, political cartoons have never been more germane.  Useful in almost every curriculum, you can find a panoply of rich satire her

History Day    This online resource contains basics on History Day in general, NoodleTools & miscellaneous topics selected by NMS' students Taking a Stand!

 Citing Sources - a compendium  - The Modern Language Assn has released the 8th edition of their formats,( slightly simplified now,) & you can find information here + the NoodleTools Toolkit

 SnowFlake Bentley + Snow Crystals


Kite Rider audiobook during ELA in March

 Welcome Fifth Grade Parents / Students

Summer Reading 2017 - EVERYTHING you need to know can be found HERE!









Doings in the Library

  • The Glass Universe by NYT Science writer Dava Sobel

    Serendipitously,  saw a book-signing in my local library in Hastings-on-Hudson on October 1st.  It was very fortunate.  Not only did I have the pleasure of hearing New York Times Science writer & book author, Dava Sobel speak about her latest book, The Glass Universe,  but, I  got to speak with her personally. 

    Had the temerity to ask if she might address our students during Women's History Month, March 2018.   Fingers-crossed . . .

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • NMS comes out for READING at the GNGT

    Any number of teachers came out to READ at the Great Nyack Get Together at Memorial Park on the Hudson.  We came ready to read, transporting a wonderful assortment of books.

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • STACKED Library Lunches . . .

    Second full day of school and our Library was gloriously packed during all three lunch periods.  Get any homework dispatched, converse person-to-person, make new friends, play beloved board games, etc., in a convivial environment!


    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Reading is ALL

    While our theme is "Crack any Code" in your NMS library, our big endeavour is to restore reading for pleasure to every student!  We aim to do that with help from our entire community.

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Fifth Grade Visits . . .

    FIRST visit was to Valley Cottage Elementary's Library with the redoubtable Mrs. Travers, & her wonderful Mrs. DeFelice

    Next visit was to Upper Nyack Elementary with the charming Ms. Zweibel, & the extraordinary Mrs. Bausinger

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Shakespeare's Birthday

    In recognition of Shakespeare's birthday  on April 23rd, ( his 451st donchaknow,) our Middle School Library offers Young Scholars the opportunity to win, [ while supplies last ] one of Will's favorite snacks when he attended Stratford-on-Avon Middle School, namely popped maize or the juice of fruit in a sack, ( a.k.a.  popcorn or a juice bag.)  All students need do is consult our compendia of Shakespeare information, &  then scrawl the name of a less well-known play or a sonnet- number & first line-  to win! 

    The photo below, shows sample snacks, the books that one may use as reference.  Those little slips, here & there, are some of the correct submissions, with names like Coriolanus or Timon of Athens, or sonnet no. 29,"When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes . . ."  A tasty exercise indeed!

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Women's History Month WINNERS

    The NMS Library is proud, & delighted to announce the winners of our Women’s History Contest:                               

     This was a very difficult contest to call this year, as the level of entries was very high indeed.  A unifying factor in all the entries received was ZEAL.   Not only did the entrants mention all the wonderful qualities that make girls & women great, but they did not select just one example ~ they cited a number of great girls & women from history. 

    As our winner stated,” Women are great . . . WHY question it ?     We are wonderful, strong, powerful, talented, worthy, intelligent, and loving.”  So, our first prize,( of a Barnes & Noble gift card,) goes to Alex Friedland. 

    Our near winner, (very near,) stated an essential fact, “  A world without women wouldn’t be a world at all.  ”                            Our very  near-winner’s name: Talia Reiss.   [* Alex was not yet available for a photo . . .Ms. Q ]

     We thank all who entered, and look forward to your entries in our Library’s next contest, penning a Haiku, (a three-line poem,) in honor of Poetry ( & btw, Library) Month

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • 7th grade Tech Core Discipline Project kick-off

    7th grade team "B" kicked off a massive tech-infused collaborative project in our Library.  As the photos attest the students exhibited MASSIVE excitement, especially when permitted to use their OWN devices to unlock virtual knowledge.

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • NOT a "sleepy" Library . . .

    Our library has the most flexible schedule ever!   We try to keep up by using that classic pencil in, & erase technique, on our Library's Master Calendar.  For example this week:     We hosted a number of 8th grade ELA classes writing annotated bibliographies, ( and  though only doing my job, received a literal & figurative bouquet from my colleague for my efforts.)  

    We  had a special guest,* Associated Press writer, Barry Wilner, in to address Mrs. Hennessy's A/B day classes on the professional writer's life for our joint Careers research project.       We showed a delightful film, Penelope; One of the events to celebrate Women's History Month.     More 8th grade classes in to research our country's Great Depression era.

    Capped off the week by having all our ENL students gather with their ESL teachers, as well as Principal Johnson, for a little "corte de cinta" or ribbon-cutting ceremony** to draw attention to a new collection of books in Spanish to encourage reading for all!

    Tried to capture as much as possible in pictures , [attached,] along with the joy of reading, even during a lunch recess.                     * Mr. Wilner was here by the special efforts of Mrs. Christina Hennessy       ** Mrs. Wanda Octaviano, of the NMS Family Resource Center graciously assisted in the ENL ceremony,with translations, & student assistance

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Rockland Read -in

    Traditionally, the countywide day devoted to reading as many minutes as possible, a.k.a. the Rockland Read-in takes place just before the mid-winter recess.  Children, ( & even staff,) are ready for a bit of a break and it is a good day to celebrate those flights of imagination, unlock secrets of the ages, or even kick back & peruse magazines you want to catch up on.  However, this particular year it coincided with an 8th grade trip celebrating Math ability, African American achievement & women taking their place in the starry firmament in the film Hidden Figures!  it was just fine as our yeoman readers in 6th & 7th grade pulled up the slack reading as astonishing 75,437 minutes overall . . . all without the help of their  upper class men & women.

    Nyack Middle School Library

Contact Us

Nora Quinn, NMS Teacher Librarian - ext. 7215

Rose Conetta, NMS Library Clerk Typist - ext. 7222