Welcome to the Middle School Guidance Department.

Welcome to the Middle School Guidance Department. 


Counselors: Francesca Falvo( 7th grade), Liz Battista ( 6th grade), Edgar Lambert(  8th grade)



Contact Us

Middle School Guidance and Counseling Department:  353-7220/7221
Lorraine Longing, Director of Guidance K - 12, llonging@nyackschools.org
School Counselors:
Francesca Falvograde  7, 353-7223, ffalvo@nyackschools.org
Edgar Lambert, grade  8, 353-7224, elambert@nyackschools.org 
Liz Battista, grade 6, 353-7225, lbattista@nyackschools.org
Jeanine Rufo, School Social Worker, 353-7238, jrufo@nyackschools.org
Dr. Laverne Campbell-Lodge, School Psychologist, 353-7226,  lcampbell@nyackschools.org
Theresa Holland, 353-7220, tholland@nyackschools.org
Eileen McGee, 353-7221, emcgee@nyackschools.org


College planning tips for Middle School students and parents

No matter what grade you are in, it's never too early to begin planning and preparing for College.  Middle School is important for building a academic foundation. 

  • Form strong study habits by being prepared, studying and doing your homework every night.
  • Stay focused , set academic and personal goals and work towards achieving those milestones.
  • Get organized, develop a calendar, to keep track of important test dates and assignment and project due dates. 
  • Get and stay involved in extracurricular clubs  - getting involved in different clubs and activities helps to develop your interests and you will feel more engaged in your school experience.
  • Visit a nearby college campus
  • Browse through the resources available to you in the Naviance program.  Begin to develop a resume.  Search colleges.  Complete a Career Cluster Finder, or Strength Explorer.
  • Meet with  your school counselor.  Your counselor is a valuable resource for you. 

8 to 9th grade transition information

High School Program of Studies: 2018-2019 Nyack High School Program of Studies.

8th grade parent orientation was  January 24 at 7pm at the High School.  To view the powerpoint:   WELCOME CLASS OF 2022 PARENTS.

Powerpoint from Elective Assembly on January 12 at the Middle School:  Class of 2022.

Freshmen Elective sheet:  Freshmen course selection form.

Program of Studies worksheet:  Your high school Plan of Studies worksheet.

What's Happening in 2018 - 19 !