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  Your Middle School Library is STILL a welcoming place.                                            The biggest difference is that you will visit our library virtually to do research instead. Your NMS Library is open ANYTIME you need us - online!

Young Scholars, PLEASE, feel free to email me at nquinn@nyackschools.org  with ANY questions you have about schoolwork or research.  I will be checking my email regularly.  If I do not have the answer, I will locate someone, or something, to get you your answer.

 World Book,  www.worldbookonline.com   User name: nyackms  password: library  is the first place that I always send you!

They have a level to suit each member of your family, &  the computer will read the articles aloud  to you, or, translate articles into innumerable languages with a click.  In fact, they have a version entirely in Spanish.

MY favorite dictionary is Merriam Websterhttps://learnersdictionary.com (OR try www.m-w.com. )  Keep your vocabulary sharpened with their online games & quizzes . . . I do!

Your project resources are in the grade blocks below, & we now have access to innumerable audio books as well.     Finally, there are research skills videos, set up to help you in whatever schoolwork you are working on.

STILL running our NMS Library Contests, ( though switched top prize back to a Barnes & Noble gift card, ) so look down the page for details.

Be of good cheer Young Scholars.  See you before you know it.  Ms. Q



E Books online can be found in your NMS Library's Online Pathfinder here!

SOLUTIONS you may seek . . .

 Ms. Q's Screencast-o-matic  Research Skills Videos 

( While they may not be as riveting as Netflix, they WILL help with your school work, now , in high school, & college! ) 


Searching your PUBLIC Library Catalog for a book on YOUR subject

Searching our NMS OPALs Library Catalog, ( located in 4th row on right side of NMS Library Page - start video @ second 23 .)

Locating & using a database for research

NoodleTools Section:

NEW account set-up

Locating an ISBN number

IMPORTING an ISBN number into your NT resources

Basics of creating a Note Card in NT


WELCOME SIXTH Grade students, ( & Parents )

2019 Summer Reading Compendium - EVERYTHING needed to have a Summer's Worth of Reading Pleasure!

 Nyack Middle School READS

Our school wants to support reading for the pure pleasure of it.      So, starting this October, our core classes will set aside time to allow students to read in class.     We ask that our parents / guardians support these efforts as well.  You can find any number of resources in our Library's Parents' block below, &   you can find ways to support reading for enjoyment at home, plus, a wonderful poster illustrating  the "Rights of the Reader" in red to the right.       Parent Suggestions n Rights of the Reader POSTER.pdf 

Political Cartoons

 Citing Sources - a compendium  - The Modern Language Assn has released the 8th edition of their formats,( slightly simplified now,)  PLUS,  the NoodleTools Toolkit

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Subscription Resources

Web-based resources that include a modified search engine, a bibliographic instruction tool, on-line encyclopedia, a reference book database and many general and specialized combination periodical, newspaper and reference book databases.
WorldBook ONLINE
An online encyclopedia, recommended most by your library teacher, also includes periodical articles and website links - please see your NMS Librarian for our user name and password
Brain POP
Animated Science, Health, Technology, Math, Social Studies, Arts & Music and English movies, quizzes, activity pages and school homework help for K-12 kids - please see your NMS Librarian for our user name and password
A web site that assists users step by step to create a bibliography in MLA (Nyack District required) format. Each student must create a personal user name and password the first time they use the resource.
Databases for 24/7 Learning
Databases for 24/7 Learning contain reliable & authoritative sources of information funded through our Rockland Cty School Library System / BOCES. FYI: the databases are repeated under different subject headings across the page -- please see your NMS Librarian for our user name and password.  


     o read an entire article  on why reading accelerates your intellect, click here!


 * SAMPLE Prizes, ( They often differ from those pictured here, but these are sample prizes.)



WOMEN's history MONTH


 20120 March Contest Poster NEW deadline April 14 shared via Gdocs.pdf 

*In keeping with both this month's theme, ( and our ability to  listen to books on audio,)  you can listen to a remarkable woman's story in The House That Jane Built.     This is the story of Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, who transformed a poor neighborhood in Chicago by opening up her house as a community center.

*New York's CLASSICAL Radio Station, WQXR, celebrated International Women's Day with an entire line-up of women composers.  See the listing here:


*Below: A fantastic oil and watercolor from the GOLDEN AGE of ILLUSTRATION, by Elizabeth Shippen Green  (1871–1954)Once More the Herald Set the Trumpet to His Lips and Blew, 1911. Published in Richard Le Gallienne "Tapestries of Twilight," Harper's Magazine, May 1911.  Part of a celebration at the Library of Congress, (LOC,)   https://www.loc.gov/exhibitions/drawn-to-purpose/about-this-exhibition/golden-age-of-illustration/romance-and-courtship-in-the-american-west/

PLUNGE below this canvas to see a veritable wealth of resources . . .


*Your Library has an ever-growing collection of Women' s Stories, some of which may be found here:  https://nykms.mimas.opalsinfo.net/bin/pf/pfView?pfId=38

*Be sure to visit these terrific sites for a plethora of information about the remarkable accomplishments of one half of the human race:


- be quick & you can double-dip & view February's Fab Five, the untold stories of five incredible African- American women.    https://www.womenshistory.org/womens-history/fab-five

*OR  Find Women in Computing here:  https://www.womenshistory.org/exhibits/getting-program

*OR  see the list of 2019's "Mighty Girl" book titles:  https://www.amightygirl.com/

*Then consult our government's official website celebrating women's accomplishments here:  https://womenshistorymonth.gov/





Rockland Read-in February 2020

BLACK HISTORY MONTH ( featuring resources from the Duke University Library )

 In this volume of poetry, activist poet Lizelia Moorer, a teacher at South Carolina’s first black college, presents a sweeping portrayal of the nature of racial oppression. She noted that white writers misrepresented the experience of African Americans in the South and set out to tell “the unvarnished truth.”  . . . The frontispiece may be the first depiction of an African American woman with a typewriter.

Click on the link BELOW this photograph to see another original document detailing how  Susannah Mallory purchased HER emancipation!




 Susannah Mallory Purchased her Freedom document.pdf     OR this direct link      https://exhibits2.library.duke.edu/exhibits/show/baskin/item/4083


Primary Sources from the Library of Congress, National Archives, etc. may be found here:   http://www.africanamericanhistorymonth.gov/

Example, pictured here:   Members of the Tuskeegee Airmen,  Army Air Force 332nd Fighter Group in a briefing room, Ramitelli, Italy - during World War II. 


 AND you might visit these resources as well:

Civil Rights




 Books/ Videos in our NMS Library Collection:






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