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Your Middle School Library is a welcoming place. 

In Middle School, students come to our library to do research whenever their classroom teachers schedule classes here in our Library.

 After lunch, ( *if no classes are scheduled,) "Young Scholars" may come on their own to dispatch their homework, or project work.  Students may also elect to read & relax,  and perhaps, they might even choose to play with our selection of board games.     

Our NMS Library's official hours are 8:00a.m. - 2:50p.m.  Most Tuesdays & Thursdays our Library sponsors an Extra Help Period, until approximately 3:45p.m.,( so students may catch the four o'clock bus.)   However, the rule after school, is WORK ONLY!


Solutions you may seek . . .

A chance to WIN( a modest itunes card )submit a book rating ~ info in first tab in SR link below:

2018 SUMMER READING Compendium; Everything  you need . . .

Welcome Fifth Grade Parents / Students

Nyack Middle School READS

Our school wants to support reading for the pure pleasure of it.      So, starting this October, our core classes will set aside time to allow students to read in class.     We ask that our parents / guardians support these efforts as well.  You can find any number of resources in our Library's Parents' block below, &   you can find ways to support reading for enjoyment at home, plus, a wonderful poster illustrating  the "Rights of the Reader" in red to the right.       Parent Suggestions n Rights of the Reader POSTER.pdf 

Political Cartoons

 Citing Sources - a compendium  - The Modern Language Assn has released the 8th edition of their formats,( slightly simplified now,)  PLUS,  the NoodleTools Toolkit

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Doings in the Library

  • All Hallows in our NMS Library . . .

    Luckily, we here at NMS may dress up in costume to celebrate All Hallows, on the 31st of October.   While deciding what literature-related character to portray, I found several of us are dressing as characters from the Harry Potter series, which is enjoying a renaissance.*   Further, we contemplate a contest involving HP Trivia, ( with modest HP-related prizes.)  Listen for Library announcements on the contest . . . Mwah, hah, hah



    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Summer 2018 Reading Incentives continue

    There is still oodles of time to get up to speed with your "Summer" Reading  . . .

    ~  Not only are your Public Libraries standing by to assist, but there are more incentives beyond starting your year with ELA credit.  You Library Teacher is offering a modest Itunes card, ( while supplies last,) when you submit a Book Rating in our OPALS Library catalog.  The instructions are below.  Just go to our Catalog from our NMS Library Page:    https://nykms.mimas.opalsinfo.net/bin/home


    Nyack Middle School Library
  • HAIKU poetry Contest - FINALLY Winners Announced

    ONLY  17 syllables,   a Haiku pays homage to NATURE.   We received some lovely examples, but one unprepossessing entry intrigued not only for its poetry, but for its mystery.  NO name was affixed.   As it ranked high, it took time to deduce, then a number of other events caused further delays.    At long last the Winners:

    Our Barnes & Noble Gift Card went to Ezra S.

    Followed closely  by Tallulah T.,   Rihanna Q.,   Katie W.,   Rihann G.   & Gernandre L.


    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Poetry Contest - April is POETRY MONTH

    As April is POETRY MONTH, our Library celebrates Spring by hosting an HAIKU writing contest.

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Essay CONTEST Celebrating Women in March

    ALL students were encouraged to enter our Library's short essay contest celebrating women & girls in March.  We were a bit disappointed when NO boys entered, but we applaud ALL our entrants.  Ta--dah!  The outcome:  Our Library is delighted to be presenting two "SPECIAL" Librarian's Awards to deserving students who entered our contest. Huzzah!

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Dava Sobel, author of "The Glass Universe"

    Seeds sown in October bloomed in our Library on the first day of Spring.  Renowned science writer/ author paid 7th grade science classes a virtual visit via SKYPE.  Ms. Dava Sobel relayed the sometimes circuitous route to her profession.  Serendipitously, taking a position on a newspaper & later at Cornell University led her to writing about her favorite branch of the sciences, Astronomy.  Her latest endeavour, The Glass Universe, is a book about innumerable women "computers" at the Harvard Observatory in the late 1880s.  These women meticulously mapped the Universe by examining glass photos taken by the observatory telescope. They recorded data that is still used to this day. To read a bit about our author, read attached Promotional materials or check out her site.   http://www.davasobel.com/ sample Log book entry  

     * Longitude on PBS

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Peaceful Preparations

    NMS students assembled in our library, somberly, after school, to create signage & posters relating to the planned nation-wide school commemorations of recent sad events in Parkland, Florida.  The names of schools around our country  which experienced unconscionable incidents on their school grounds were inscribed on our white board by a caring student.

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • A Wrinkle in TIME raffle

    In advance of a new film version of the Madeline L'Engle classic, A Wrinkle in Time,  our NMS Library held a trivia-based raffle.  Four lucky Young Scholars won a paperback version of the novel.  The books were swiftly distributed just before a vaunted snow day!

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Rockland Read-in

    Reading is PARAMOUNT!    Best way to exercise & stimulate the imagination, seat of all creativity.  We celebrate the entire school reading for the Rockland Read-in.  Photo opportunities abounded from English to Social Studies, but in Music &  Tech Ed( aka Shop/CAD.)  Here are some representative pics:

    Nyack Middle School Library
  • Coding with CUPS

    Learning the first steps of creating apps ( applications) starts with practicing logic.   A great exercise is using cups to record & execute commands that become lines of code.  Mrs. Christina Hennessy, our NMS Computer Teacher had children practice during Computer Science week, ranging from solving the Google Doodle to creating commands that produced cup arrangements to one adventurous student creating an app on her own with the MIT app creator.  Great first strides Mrs. H!

    Nyack Middle School Library

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